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A Botched Drone Strike in Kabul Started With the Wrong Car

[explosion] In one of the final acts of its 20-year war in Afghanistan, the United States fired a...

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Pentagon Asks Personnel to Report Any Symptoms of Mysterious Ailments

“We’re going to figure it out,” he added.There are various reasons the United States has struggled...

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Inside the Afghan Evacuation: Rogue Flights, Hope and Chaos

WASHINGTON — On the last day of August, when President Biden called the airlift of refugees from...

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Afghanistan Collapse and Strikes in Somalia Raise Snags for Drone Warfare Rules

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration has nearly completed a policy to govern counterterrorism...

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Military Ramps Up Evacuations From Kabul, but Bottlenecks Persist

WASHINGTON — With the Aug. 31 deadline for a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan rapidly approaching,...

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Eager to Shift Narrative, Biden Team Puts Airlift in Historical Context

By comparison, the undertaking in Kabul does not exactly resemble the Berlin airlift, in which...

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