Top judge of the Islamic Republic Ebrahim Raisi is expected to win the Iranian presidential election after receiving more than 50% of the votes counted, Jamal Orf, the head of the country’s election campaign, stated on Saturday.

“[A total of] 28.6 million of our compatriots voted. Taking into account that the vote count is still underway, this is preliminary data. At the same time, Ebrahim Raisi has received more than 17.8 million votes to date”, Orf said, as broadcast by Iranian television.

The statement comes mere hours after President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the winner – but did not specify his name.

“Congratulations to the people’s elect. Since it has not yet been officially announced, I will postpone the official salutes a little, taking into account the law. It is clear who received the required number of votes,” Rouhani said, expressing the hope that in 45 days the winner will take up presidential duties.