The Tuesday football match between the teams of France and Germany saw many memorable moments, but netizens turned out to be particularly amused by several seconds in which it appeared that German footballer Antonio Rudiger tried to bite a French player, Paul Pogba.

In videos shared by netizens online, Rudiger is seen approaching the French footballer from the back, then standing very close and apparently touching Pogba’s shirt with his face. The way Rudiger’s mouth was opened has prompted many to think that the German player was actually biting his rival. 

Others doubted that this was the case, but still noted that the behaviour of Rudiger was, to say the least, bizarre.

​Some jokingly dubbed the interaction “foreplay”, smirking because of how uncomfortable the whole thing was for them to watch.

​​Other netizens – apparently attentive football fans – called Rudiger’s move “Suarez-que”, recalling how Luis Suarez, an Uruguay footballer, is famous for actually biting other players.

​Apart from whatever Rudiger’s move really was, the Tuesday match was memorable, since it was the first time in history that Germany lost in the first Euro championship game, with defender Mats Hummels unluckily performing an “own goal”. 

The game ended with the score 1-0. Having won the match, France will face off Portugal on 23 June.