The United States has been coordinating new anti-Russian measures with its European allies and expects to put them into force as soon as Thursday, one source has told CNN. 

“State Department officials have called US allies and are preparing for potential Russian responses,” the media claims. 

According to an earlier report by the White House correspondent for Bloomberg News, Jordan Fabian, Washington was planning to impose sanctions on 12 Russian individuals and 20 entities, and expel 10 Russian diplomats from the United States in response to election interference allegations. 

CNN has just reported that the diplomats in question would be expelled from New York and Washington and given 30 days to leave the country.

It is believed that the new measures targeting Moscow for allegations of election interference, which Moscow has repeatedly dismissed as groundless, would be issued in a form of executive order from US president and direct sanctions from the State and the Treasury Departments. 

According to an official who spoke to CNN on conditions of anonymity, it remains “unclear if these sanctions will be enough to change Russian behavior.”