A Welsh land owner said that Stonehenge should be transported from England to Wales which some believe is the site of its original construction, according to a new study. Speaking to a local newspaper, the Western Telegraph, Lyn Jenkins suggested that Stonehenge should re-erected on his land to become a tourist attraction.

“Greece is trying to reclaim the Elgin Marbles. What if Wales tries reclaiming Stonehenge?” Jenkins asked. “They can re-erect it here, in Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park, Gwbert, from where we can view the Preseli Hills in the distance. If not, why doesn’t [First Minister of Wales ] Mark Drakeford send Boris Johnson a bill for a few million pounds? After all, Stonehenge is an extremely lucrative tourist attraction,” he added.

According to the results of the study, unveiled at the beginning of February, a precursor to Stonehenge was built in Wales at Waun Mawn site. Moreover, three monoliths at Stonehenge are exact matches to the stone types in Wales. The Welsh monument also has the same diameter as the ditch that encircles Stonehenge and both monuments were built to align with the Sun.

The scientists also estimate that the monument at Waun Mawn site was dismantled at the time the first phase of Stonehenge’s construction began. According to one theory, the descendants of those who built the Welsh monument transported some of the stones to Salisbury Plain in an act of unification.