Starting with the budget, Jon says “I don’t think Rishi Sunak has done enough for hospitality. Effectively, we need to be a low tax economy and by increasing corporation tax he might drive more people away.”

He then moves on to the royal family – “I think the queen has done a marvellous job for this country. She’s a brilliant ambassador but Harry and Meghan are living in an 18 bedroom mansion, flying on private jets, and telling us how to live our lives. I wish they’d shut up! Harry and Meghan say they want to be alone but then speak to the biggest talk show host in the world.”

He also points out that, “There should be proper inquiry into the very serious allegations that Prince Andrew faces. He should have been sent to America to answer any questions the FBI may have.”

Jon has had enough of cancel culture, “Where are we going to end up? Cancel culture has never been in any political party manifesto.”

He also thinks Covid vaccine passports will be brought in and says, “Well, that’s fine by me. I don’t want to sit next to somebody who has the plague. I think my view is the view of the majority of people.”

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