Scott Ritter – Former UN Weapons Inspector & WMD Whistleblower | Biden’s Syria Bombing, Israel, and Polish Aggression

Alex Krainer – Author of The Grand Deception & Hedge Fund Manager | Media Silence on Browder’s Deposition, SDNY, and Possible World War 3

In the first hour, John spoke with Scott Ritter on the recent bombings in Syria, Israel testing Russia’s patience, and NATO war games. Scott talked about the United States military used as Israel’s puppet and Biden’s plans to intimidate Iran. Scott discussed the state of the US military and how expensive it would be to get it ready for hot wars.

In the second hour, Lee spoke with Alex Krainer on the Bill Browder deposition, Russiagate, and the history of Browder’s family. Alex discussed the important parts of the deposition and how obvious to see Browder lied during the eight-hour testimony. Alex talked about the power of the Southern District of New York and the corruption that has been well documented in years past.

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