Rampal Behaniwal, an architect from Bathinda, India has designed a vehicle that resembles a Rafale jet. The prototype cost him $4,000 (INR 300,000) to make.

“People who can’t afford to fly can fulfill their dream in some ways. Children will have their confidence boosted on seeing this vehicle. They will know that they can build wonders if a common man like myself can do this much,” Behaniwal said in a statement.

​The pastel blue coloured four-wheeler is open from the roof and runs at a speed of between 15 and 20km/h.

Meanwhile, the first five Rafale aircraft of the Indian Air Force were formally inducted on 10 September, 2020. India is expected to have 17 Rafale jets this month and, by April 2022, all the remaining Rafales will have been delivered to the country.