Paul is now demanding a full public inquiry into the Government’s handling of Covid.

Connew says that, “The public and the families of those who lost their lives deserve a forensic independent judge-led inquiry into every aspect of what went wrong and what went right.”

However, he accepts that “The Vaccine rollout has been the one success story that Boris and his government can claim.”

Connew believes that Covid Passports will be introduced but thinks that Michael Gove has been given the “poisoned chalice” to make it happen as, “Boris doesn’t want his own fingerprints over it.”

Paul states that he had the vaccine but, “I have a Voltaire approach to people refusing it, I defend their rights to refuse but I also defend the rights of venue owners and business owners to demand proof that you have had the vaccine.”

Paul states that, “The care home scandal is catastrophic and shameful and has to be high on the inquiry agenda.” He also wants, what he describes as, the “stench of cronyism” over PPE to be on the agenda too.

He laughs when he says, “Our failure to control our borders is beyond parody or satire as Johnson fought a referendum and election on being tough on border control but we ended up with the worst record on this of any nation.”

He concludes by stating that, “Covid more than Brexit will define Boris’s place in history.”

There is much to discuss in this fascinating podcast, don’t miss it.