Peter Oliver – EU Correspondent | Matt Hancock: Scandal in the UK

Latchmi Gopal – City Council Candidate | Cuomo’s Nursing Home Problem

Ted Rall – Political Cartoonist | Biden Lights Candles

Rick Sanchez – Host of ‘News with Rick Sanchez’ | SCOTUS Rejects Trump’s Stay

Scandal has befallen Health Secretary Matt Hancock for failing to publish Covid-19 government contracts worth over billions of UK pounds. EU correspondent Peter Oliver joins the show to provide details on the breakdown of this mishandling of funds.

The Cuomo administration has faced a major backlash for their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in nursing homes. Latchmi Gopal gives her view on the lack of transparency and accountability within NY state politics and New Yorkers’ response to it.

Covid-19 deaths have reached nearly 500,000 and were highlighted by the Biden administration with a candle-light vigil. Political Cartoonist Ted Rall joins the show to discuss the role of the government of the United States in terms of reparations.

Investigations continue into former president Donald Trump as the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is questioned on whether or not they will pursue prosecution. Rick Sanchez calls into the show to discuss the ramifications behind Trump’s actions.

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