Several board directors of Texas’ electric grid operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) filed a resignation letter on Tuesday, saying they will step down from their posts after an urgent board meeting on 24 February.

“Before we step aside, we are beginning the process of reviewing this extreme cold weather event and resulting power crisis”, board directors Sally Talberg, Peter Cramton, Terry Bulger and Raymong Hepper wrote in the letter. “[…] We want what is best for ERCOT and Texas.”

Their resignations comes after the Lone Star state faced a massive blizzard last week that caused widespread power outages and damaged the state’s infrastruction.

After thousands of Texans were left without power or had to pay “astronomical” bills for electricity amid the winter storm, ERCOT and other energy companies faced intense backlash. Among those criticising the company’s response for the blizzard was Attorney General Ken Paxton, who slammed the operators’ behaviot as “unacceptable”.

“ERCOT & other energy cos have slipped & fallen on their faces & it’s not the ice’s fault. They have left 3+ million homes w/o power for days, including my own. What do they do in response? Jack up prices, go silent, make excuses, & play the blame game. It’s unacceptable!”, Paxton tweeted last week, later saying that he opened an investigation into power companies.

ERCOT, a company that provides electricity to over 26 millions of Texans – which is, as the operator itself outlines, 90 percent of the state’s electric load, on 19 February said that its operations “returned to normal” after the grid was hit by the winter storm.