According to the newspaper, the authorities are not currently considering the option of withdrawing from the contract, but such a possibility exists if the vaccine is not approved in the country.

Switzerland also eyes the opportunity to pass on the AstraZeneca vaccine doses ordered under the agreement, the newspaper added.

Under the contract the Swiss government signed with the company last October, the country is set to receive 5.3 million doses of the vaccine.

The report came in light of the recent publication of an indicative coronavirus vaccine supply plan, which does not include the AstraZeneca vaccine. In addition, Switzerland earlier this month requested additional data on the vaccine’s safety, efficacy and quality before granting approval to it.

The European Union’s regulator authorized the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine for all age groups in late January. However, given the lack of data on its efficacy in people aged over 55, a number of EU nations recommended its use only for those under 55 or 65 years old.