On 18 February, fans of the band NU’EST, LOΛE (read as love) flooded Twitter with angry messages and threads of material about the group’s own label, Pledis Entertainment, sabotaging their first-ever boy band.

Fans are complaining about the lack of SNS management on the group’s official accounts, and that the boys were the only ones without annual seasons greetings, despite other Pledis bands having them.

For a group that debuted way back in 2012, they’ve only had one comeback – last year’s EP “The Nocturne”, the band’s eighth album, with the title track “I’m in Trouble” only given two weeks of promotion and no online concerts.

Fans find it inappropriate that Pledis is “mistreating” NU’EST. A popular show in South Korea called “K-Bob Star” wanted to invite the band to participate in the programme, but didn’t get even a reply from the agency. And only when comments from the hosts went viral among the K-Pop community, Pledis agreed to let the band be a guest on the show. 

According to the fans’ complaints, Pledis have ignored opportunities for their oldest group, including not responding to the governor of Gangwondo, who wanted member JR to be the ambassador of the province.

Pushed over the edge, fans called for other fandoms to help them reach and make their displeasure known to the agency, causing the hashtag #PledisStopNUESTMistreatment to begin trending.