Peter Oliver – EU Correspondent for RT International | Security Conference

Dick Nichols – Correspondent for Green Left Weekly | Pablo Hasel Arrest and Protests

Bob Schlehuber – CoHost of Political Misfits | COVID Relief Money Went to Chicago Police

Chris Smalls – Founder of TCOEW | NY Suing Amazon Over Health Standards

Alan MacLeod – Journalist for Mint Press News | FB Shuts Down News Feed in AU

The Munich Security Conference is happening today. A typically multi-day event has been transformed into an online event that is only a few hours. EU Correspondent Peter Oliver gives us the details.

A rapper in Spain was arrested for his song lyrics. Apparently, he was threatening the crown. A correspondent for Green Leaf Weekly Dick Nichols comes on the show to discuss the protests that have erupted as a result.

Whenever governing institutions give out money, some of the funds end up in the wrong pockets. Chicago’s COVID-19 relief money trail is being followed. CoHost of Political Misfits Bob Schlehuber talks about where it ended up.

Some of the world’s richest businessmen are being insensitive towards the people. Founder of TCOEW Chris Smalls talks about Jeff Bezos’ lack of health equity within his empire. Journalist Alan MacLeod addresses Facebook’s up-and-down relationship with the media.

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