“I am glad to announce that diplomats from our embassy were vaccinated a long time ago, with Sputnik V exactly. The ambassador was the first to be inoculated”, an embassy spokesperson said.

The vaccination took place at the ambassador’s initiative, and most diplomatic staffers have already received the vaccine, the embassy continued.

“One or two people felt slightly weak in the first days [after the vaccination], while everything was fine with others”, the diplomatic mission added.

Argentine Vice-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner gets vaccinated with the Sputnik V (Gam-COVID-Vac) vaccine at the Hospital Presidente Peron, in Avellaneda, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina January 24, 2021

Sputnik V, developed by the Gamaleya Epidemiology and Microbiology Centre and registered by the Russian Health Ministry on 11 August, was the world’s first vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The vaccine shows 91.6 percent efficacy and is 100 percent effective against severe complications. The vaccine consists of two components that are administered to a person within a 21-day interval.