Matt Berman – Creative Director, Copywriter, and CMO Strategist |Homeless Encampment, Biden Headquarters, and User Censorship

Carter Laren – Co-host of Unsafe Spaces | Culture, Social Media Platforms, and Social Credit Scores 

In the first hour, Lee and John spoke with Matt Berman on his origins in citizen journalism, how information is digested, and voter fraud in Philadelphia. Matt talked about the censorship he faced as a citizen journalist and his belief that users are the real influence on censorship, and not the platform itself is to blame. Matt spoke on his investigation into the 2020 election and how Pennsylvania deceived voters with naked ballots.

In the second hour, Lee and John talked with Carter Laren about the future of free speech, social media, and the dystopian future for America. Carter talked about the hardships for new social media platforms to compete with big tech. Carter spoke on the social credit score system in China, and how fast it might be in America.  

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