As millions of people across the United States continue to weather a deadly winter storm without power, forecasts predict ice and low temperatures could be ahead for some of the worst-hit states.

“Swaths of half an inch of ice will be possible” over the next three days for areas from Texas to Mississippi and up through Virginia, according to the National Weather Service. “All severe weather hazards will be possible including a couple of tornadoes” from the Florida Panhandle to the coastal Carolinas Thursday, NWS said.

This comes as states with typically mild winters — including Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Kentucky — are already facing hazardous roads, power outages and water shut offs from the winter storms. The weather has led to at least 26 deaths, including three people who died in carbon monoxide related incidents and one driver who hit a snowplow.

The current round of winter weather is underway in the southern Plains, and will continue to develop as it pushes winter weather into the Northeast. Then the warming trend will begin in Texas this weekend, and moderate for the rest of the regions that have been impacted by the frigid temperatures, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said.

Many of those who will face the harsh temperatures are among the nearly 3.5 million customers who are still in the dark, according to PowerOutage.US.