Michelle Witte – Cohost of Political Misfits | Cuomo Under Scrutiny

Maram Susli – Political Commentator | Twitter Reports $1.14 Billion 2020 Loss

Joel Segal – Former Congressional Staffer | McConnell: Trump is Guilty

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is dealing with some deep COVID-19 response controversy. It seems as though he attempted to hide the number of deaths within New York nursing homes as the numbers were astronomical. Cohost of Political Misfits Michelle Witte joins the show to outline the scandal.

Yesterday, Turkey announced the arrest of 718 people it accuses of being part of a Kurdish militant group who executed 12 Turks in northern Iraq. Apparently, Turkish President Erdogan was very upset with the Biden administration for not accepting this version of the incident. Editor James Carey gives us the story.

Twitter has been arguably the most relevant social media company for the past four-plus years as our former commander-in-chief used the platform as a means of press releases. Now, looking back on 2020, the giant reported a $1.4 billion loss. Political analyst Maram Susli breaks down the numbers to tell us the truth.

Trump was acquitted on Saturday of a charge related to the Capitol siege. Most people knew the trial would end up at a dead-end; however, many are still looking for some sort of consolation. Former congressional staff Joel Segal explains the final outcome.

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