Over 2.7 million Americans in Texas are experiencing power outages due to an icy storm that hit the state last week, according to poweroutage.us.

Another 103,000 people reported outrages in Louisiana, while nearly 51,000 are left without power in Mississippi.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says that nearly 150 million people across the country are under various warnings of hazardous weather conditions.

​As the storm continues sweeping across the state, some areas have seen heavy snowfalls, perilous ice and record low temperatures. In some parts of the state, temperatures have plummeted to minus 18 degrees Celsius (1 Fahrenheit). 

​As videos on social media show, people adapt to the weather in their own way. 

Another result of the storm is rising oil prices. For the first time in more than one year, US West Texas Intermediate futures surged higher than $60 per barrel on Monday, seeing a 2.5 percent rise.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration in 254 counties on Friday, saying the state should “stay alert” to changing weather conditions.

On Thursday, the storm led to several multi-car accidents in Ft. Worth and Austin, which resulted in at least six deaths.