American political talk show host Bill Maher has claimed this week on his show Real Time that Donald Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt who was fatally shot inside the US Capitol on January 6 died because her home state of California cared more about “toxic Whiteness” than “toxic brokenness.”

Maher, who noted that Babbitt “lost her life trying to prevent Biden from becoming president” despite being a previous Obama voter, claimed that the 35-year-old woman was a struggling business owner who was “pissed off at greed and corruption.” Maher – himself a self-described liberal and fierce critic of President Trump – argued that although Ms. Babbitt was at the Capitol to push for a second term for the Trump Administration, another four years of the incumbent would not have saved her because it was her home state of California that “was doing most of the squeezing.”

“In order to keep her business afloat, she resorted to a short-term loan with an interest rate of 169 percent. That’s right. She was being charged 169 percent interest and went to Washington so she can chant ‘Stop the Steal!’” Maher said.

“And maybe, since all politics was local, all she knew was that she lives in a state that seems to care more about her ‘toxic Whiteness’ than her toxic brokeness. And that the state that’s run entirely by Democrats, yeah, they didn’t stop anyone from charging her 169 percent interest on a loan either.”

Maher continued his tirade by saying that liberals should not be surprised about the Capitol riots that occurred on January 6 because “America is full of fed-up, unhappy people who just want to break sh**.” Then, taking another swipe at staunchly liberal California, he said “Trump sure didn’t drain any swamps … California, yeah, that’s a swamp too. California is a blue state that is complete held together by red tape.”

Ms. Babbitt, a San Diego native who had served in the Air Force, including active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, was shot dead by Capitol Police as she tried to clip through a shattered window in a barricaded door leading into the Speaker’s Lobby, which has direct access to the floor of the House of Representatives, during the January 6 Capitol riots. She was reportedly shot by a plainclothes officer. She was rushed to hospital in a critical condition but later died of her wounds.